VBS - Volume Band Splitter

This combinator allows you to split audio signal in 3 bands : a low band with the low part (in volume) of audio, a high band with the high part (in volume, so the louder part), and a mid band that contains the rest of signal.

Low rotary drives the low level splitter. If volume is over this level it will be cut from signal.

High rotary drives the high level splitter. If volume is under this level, it will be cut from signal.

Smooth rotary drives the transient split (from 0ms to 2000ms). At 0ms crack will certainly occur.

Attack rotary drives the dynamic attack of the virtual compressor analysis.

You can solo low, mid or high band with buttons.

You can set a long release (500ms) to the virtual compressor analysis.

Of course you can enter combinator programmer to change things.

Made with only free rack extensions, you need to "buy" (for free) these one :

MORFIN from Groovy Melon

SHELOB from Jiggery-Pokery Sound

RE 180 Dynamic Driver from Red Rock Sound

MORDRED from Jiggery-Pokery Sound

You can change the levels of each bands with microMix.

The defaults effets are there to simplify the introduction of your own effect for each band.

You can download VBS for free.


This is the lite version of VBS with only 2 bands : low volume / high volume

It requires same rack extensions as VBS.

You can download VBS2 for free.